Strategy & Planning

Vigna Solutions provides a broad range of strategy services that are tailored to meet the client's needs. These services are targeted to ensure that our client's evolving business goals can be achieved - now as well as in the future.

The rich portfolio of IT planning-and-strategy offering helps our client achieve the following:

  • Alignment of business and IT objectives
  • Identification of strategic applications and initiatives
  • A long-range investment and development plan
  • Defined IT architecture
  • Prioritized scheme for project portfolio

Business Process Analysis & Re-Engineering

Vigna Solutions' Business Process Analysis service entails working with clients to assess and audit their current processes for optimal ROI and alignment with the IT strategy. As a result of the assessment, an implementation-and-action plan is formulated, and the plan is detailed.

A gap analysis of target business processes vis-a-vis existing ones is conducted, with reference to CMM and ISO guidelines. These activities provide our clients with the following benefits:

  • Formation of a repeatable process and predictable outcome
  • Organizational shift from "firefighting" mode to a "planned" mode
  • Higher-quality products at lower cost
  • Reduction in rework levels
  • Improvement in productivity and increase in accuracy
  • Better resource utilization
  • Increase in customer and worker satisfaction

Architecture & Implementation

Vigna Solutions' architecture-and-implementation service to clients is an offering that establishes objectives, purposes/goals and major policies, and principles and guidelines that are used to direct the development of the strategic information asset.

Architecture-driven technology decisions help an organization to make informed information technology (IT) investment decisions, in order to reduce the layers of complexity it must manage. The definition of the architecture strategy allows the key decision-makers to direct the development of the information asset to ensure it will provide the information, views, and perspectives that they need to make better decisions. Effective Enterprise Architecture enables the organization to guide the development, selection, and proposal process; make informed IT investment decisions; and control the evolution of the technology environment.

Key benefits of architecture-and-implementation services include:

  • Enabling sound technology investments that are in alignment with the needs of the client's business
  • Compliance with the requirements of corporate IT standards
  • Guiding the development and proposal processes to reduce confusion and complexity
  • Giving direction to the evolution of the technology environment

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