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Vigna Solutions offers complete, end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms including Apple iPhone, RIM'S BlackBerry, Google's Android, as well as Microsoft's Windows Mobile. With our extensive experience in the mobile space we cannot just give you a technical hand but can be your strategic partner in leveraging this dynamic mobile world towards increased business efficiency and effectiveness.

Our wide ranging service in mobile application development includes:

Restaurant Mobile Solutions

Vigna Solutions provides fully customized and branded mobile apps and solutions for your restaurant with a back end which allows restaurant owners to easily operate and better serve their customers.

Mobile Restaurant Reservation Token

Mobile Restaurant Reservation Token application allows Restaurant customers to make reservation using their mobile device to make the reservation and restaurant will use their mobile devices as a buzzer or token. This application will also allow restaurant customers to view reservation queue and wait time for each reservation. This application will allow the restaurants as value added and revenue generated application. This application will also have capabilities in advertising their own promotions apart from community events.

Mobile POS

It is designed and developed after comprehensive research and close analysis of the restaurant industry with an aim to offer customer- centric solutions to our client base. This application is a full featured, mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution that seamlessly integrates with any POS software. The application is reliable and easy to learn, with a user interface that's simple to use and configure. Users can tap, drag or swipe using an intuitive multi-touch interface to select the table number, cover count and check type. Orders are automatically sent to the kitchen, enabling faster service and increased table turns. This enterprise mobile solution provides a simple means for servers to take orders without having to disappear from in front of the guest.

Retail Mobile Solutions

Mobile devices have given a precocious shift to the consumer shopping behavior. New age consumers believe in making informed choices. And, with mobile devices becoming the research and shop-around tools for consumers; retailers, big and small are left with only two choices- to embrace the mobile technology or play catch-up in the years to come. Well planned retail mobility solutions has the potential to, boost customer engagement, aid in brand-building as well as drive traffic to the stores and accentuate the shopping experience.

Vigna Solutions have created innovative retail mobile solutions by utilizing the state-of-the-art mobile technologies, technical expertise and a dedicated mobile development team. Our retail app solutions, backed with an in-depth understanding of consumer shopping behavior, can improve customer engagement, build brands, drive traffic to the stores and increase your ROI. Our solutions help them in anticipating customer's needs and wants, understanding shopping behavior, maximizing consumer shopping experience, and ultimately achieve high performance. Our applications and services are aimed at complementing your existing business, expanding the business horizon and providing customized tools to boost your revenues. Our cost effective retail mobility solutionsallow quick deployment of mobile apps on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phones.

Customer Experience

Create retail mobile apps to manage stores and digital content, enhance customer service, and increase brand loyalty through targeted rewards and alerts.

Browse Products

Search for richer, more relevant product catalogues in the retail app with quicker checkouts for convenient shopping experience. Customers can also do quality/price comparisons and rate/review products.

Locate Stores

Find customers' location easily using location-based services, drive shoppers to store and create an additional channel for sales.


Allows customers to check in-store availability and order status on the go. When orders are placed for manufactured products, employees can receive real-time requests for delivery.

Deals & Coupons

The app will provide not only product information but also serve discount coupons for weekly and daily deals. The app will also alert personalized offers for customers.

Bar Code Scanner

Allows a shopper to scan bar code on a product box, get more information, and make an informed buying decision.


Integrate social media by allowing customers to share their shopping experience with friends. When they find some awesome deals, the shopper is likely to chat, comment, alert, and recommend to friends.


The integrated analytics feature enables retailers to analyze customer behavior in order to understand how best to serve each customer personally.

Mobile Solutions for Education

The education industry finds itself on the cusp of a revolution as traditional methods of learning and training are fast getting replaced by high-tech pedagogies. As learning breaks barriers and goes beyond boundaries of space and time, it becomes imperative for the citadels of knowledge and learning to adopt mobility as the key tool of deliverance. The smart use of mobile technology can expand the idea of learning to make institutions impart education in a more meaningful way.

The learning tools have changed. Do you have it?

We at Vigna Solutions can help your institutions adopt avant-garde tools of teaching through our consummate range of specialty learning mobility solutions. Our expertise will not only help you get in sync with the contemporary learning culture but will also help you widen your horizons, reach to more inquisitive minds and make learning, easy and fun.

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