Vigna Solutions, Inc. helps insurers optimize business processes and modernize their technology solution architectures.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Insurance is an information-insensitive industry. Most carriers have a great opportunity to mine data internally and externally to create competitive advantages in nearly every aspect of business.We help insurers leverage this opportunity with proven BI accelerators that cater specifically to the insurance industry. These accelerators help align business capabilities with BI architecture direction to streamline and improve performance.

Enterprise Architecture

Vigna Solutions, Inc. help insurers deliver on needed business capabilities with a portfolio of initiatives that incrementally advance the effectiveness and efficiency of IT. Our processes enable the delivery of business strategy through a practical and repeatable process that ensures alignment of business priorities with IT architecture goals.

Mobile Applications

Insurers are leveraging mobile applications a way to create consumer loyalty, improve customer service and develop a reputation as an innovator in the marketplace. Vigna Solutions, Inc. can define or enhance these mobile initiatives. We can insurers accelerate mobile development plans through both iOS and Android frameworks that cater to the insurance industry.

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