Vigna Solutions, Inc. has extensive supply chain experience in the pharmaceutical and related healthcare industries and understands the challenges that the supply chain professionals in these industries confront on a day-to-day basis.

Application Development

Our application development teams have the talent, skills and experience to deliver any kind of project. Custom software development services can greatly minimize delivery costs and time. By leveraging the depth of Vigna Solutions' development capabilities, you can deliver more IT value to your business in less time and at a low cost.Our services include:

  • Application development
  • Core research and development on computing techniques
  • Application maintenance
  • Proof of concept applications to showcase new capabilities to internal and external customers.

By slices, our expertise includes:

  • Business application development – User interface design, application development, design architecture, design methodology, design utilities, front-end and user interface design, middleware technologies and distributed objects.
  • Enterprise infrastructure – Database consulting and performance tuning service, core technology architecture service.
  • Distributed objects and middleware.
  • Technology infrastructure – Technical operational management, networking, hardware.

We use the Agile methodology in our application services. We also use effective distributed development and drive continuous improvement.

Systems Integration

Vigna Solutions, Inc. assemble and implement new systems faster and more completely using the latest in Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) and open source tools. We take systems integration projects one step further by actively looking for unseen opportunities to tie systems closer to other applications in the enterprise.

Partnering integrator approach:

We recognize that our role as an integrator requires our team to be flexible and fluid. Some of the characteristics of our approach with you include:

  • Establishing operational controls, protocols and methodologies.
  • Providing reflective feedback to your stakeholders.
  • Providing project status reports.
  • Maintaining an integrator approach to overseeing the overall project while applying a border, deeper view of each component when necessary.
  • Building effective communication channels.

Our implementation expertise includes:

  • Industry domain expertise
  • Hands-on experience with business impacts from IT implementations
  • Deep life cycle expertise
  • Extensive knowledge of all leading vendors' technologies.
  • Proven track record of integrating new and old systems.

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