Governments often face challenges related to coordination, cost effectiveness, inter linkages, standardization, sharing of data, and coping with new demands and pressures from citizens. Technology solutions improving their processes, information bases, workflows, linkages, communications and provisioning interface with citizens are of great value for government organizations.

Vigna Solutions has been delivering technology solutions to government organizations which facilitate efficiency, increased productivity, performance, transparency and deeper citizen interface through portals and online workflows incorporating built in processes, controls, programs and interfaces.We leverage our multiplatform skills and resources on all mainstream technology platforms to recommend and deploy the most suitable technology solution for our clients.

Our flexible engagement model allows us to engage with governments at any stage of the project life cycle empowering us to ensure agile delivery in line with government budgetary cycles, legislative changes and time critical emergency situations with speed and accuracy.

We understand that as a public-sector agency the demands from IT infrastructure range from:

  • Cost-effective solutions since budget constraints and public accountability are huge concerns
  • Easy-to-implement solutions that reduce response time and help achieve greater co-ordination amongst various departments
  • Performance driven systems that are reliable and perform even when implemented in less-than-optimum conditions
  • Flexible and adaptable solutions that can be implemented across geographies

At Vigna Solutions, we are committed to helping governments transform public governance services. We are committed to helping you deliver on your promises to the people.

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