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Professionals in the mortgage industry face daily demands that require them to gain access to critical information and process applications and loans in extremely efficient manner. The ability to meet these requirements while continuing to take new clients is vital to the success of any mortgage company.

Vigna Solutions, Inc. understands the demands you are faced with and possess the unique skills, experience and expertise to meet the unique technology needs of professionals in the mortgage industry. Our dedicated IT support experts can help your mortgage company utilize IT in a way that allows you work as productively and efficiently as possible. We offer a wide variety of IT support solutions to the mortgage industry.

In today's uncertain markets and as competition becomes more global, fund managers and wealth managers face a battle in retaining customers. With so many forms offering wealth management products, differentiation is crucial to growth. Financial services firms seeking to transform their traditional approach to wealth management products will find our innovation and IT enablement services valuable.

We develop IT solutions and provide IT services that address the needs of financial services industry.Services include:

  • Knowledge services (research and analytics)
  • Implementation and support of third-party products
  • Application development, maintenance and support (front office, middle office and back office operations)
  • Consulting services for third-party product evaluation

The Financial Services industry faces many challenges with the proliferation of technological developments and integration, as well as uncertain regulatory environment. Growth in online transactions and industry consolidation generates significant need for systems integration and upgrades.Strategic planning in the services industries must take into account uncertainty and consolidation, growth and innovation.

Vigna Solutions, Inc. can assist the financial services industry in many ways, including the implementation and upgrades of IT systems, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Vigna Solutions, Inc. can apply our core IT and Business Enablement Services and more to improve financial services' organizations' abilities to complete and succeed.

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