Vigna Solutions adopts a holistic approach to develop company specific staffing solutions that are highly research oriented with process capabilities and a strong technology platform. Our approach is derived from organizational experience and is customized to client needs. We have the expertise and the talent pool to provide comprehensive solutions for all cadres in an Organization.

Temping is a co-employment relationship between a company, Vigna Solutions and the employee, where in Vigna Solutions assumes responsibility for obligations related to Recruitment, Human Resources, Payroll & Benefits, Insurance, Statutory Compliance, Employment Taxes, etc.

Temporary Staffing is basically hiring an employee on a time specific or project based position with a client company, also called Contract Staffing. Temporary Staffing is hiring employees on a contractual basis for a client company, for a definite or specific period of time. Some may call them temporary employees while some may call them short-term employees. We at Vigna Solutions make sure that we can help both the employer and the employee capitalize on it.

Temporary staffing / manpower outsourcing may be: long term, part time, fixed term, based on assignment.

Some of the benefits of our temporary staffing services may include:

  • Reduction of unemployment exposure, workers compensation exposure
  • Elimination of payroll accounting, payroll tax issues
  • Reduction of benefit administration
  • Pay only for working days, and save costs
  • Elimination of valuable time and resources spent in HR & administrative work.
  • You have no statutory obligations as well
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