Companies across enterprise segments face serious concerns regarding their data storage infrastructure keeping pace with growing business needs. As requirements expand, you need a consolidated strategy to ensure that your data is secure, available at all times and is not prone to disruptions.

Vigna Solutions brings you cross-platform expertise, vendor-agnostic, product-independent consulting services that in turn ensure that you have:

  • Data content archival
  • Data availability, integrity and consolidation
  • Project completion in time with controlled costs
  • Quick deployment and service consistency


  • Storage consulting, consolidation services
  • Application migration services
  • Architecture and design services
  • Deployment services

Storage consulting services

We help you align your business and process strategies with your storage requirements. Our advisory consultants focus on enterprise best practices to assess the potential impact and advantages of implementing your new storage architecture. A detailed cost/benefit analysis is provided of your current storage environment to help you make informed investment decisions. The defined deliverables provided as part of these services include assessment, analysis and recommendation reports.

Consolidation services

Our consolidation services help you reduce IT infrastructure operational cost, systems management complexity while increasing physical and data security. We are positioned to help you optimize capacity utilization on server and storage hardware towards improving your systems reliability, availability and scalability.

Application migration services

The primary concerns that arise from migration plans are those surrounding functionality and performance perspectives. At Vigna Solutions, we can guarantee you a smooth and event-free migration for the following services:

Infrastructure application migration services like messaging, directory services, web services, enterprise management services etc.

  • Storage/data migration services
  • OS migration services
  • Platform/server migration services

Architecture and design services

As part of this service offering, we will assess your requirements and design an architecture that is aligned with your business, technical and functional objectives. Incorporating configuration and integration issues, a fully documented transition plan is developed that will guide your project from start to finish. Policies, standards and procedures that best-fit your requirements are also created.

Deployment services

Our deployment services support the implementation and rollout of new storage infrastructure, including consolidation of established storage infrastructure. We can take care of your hardware or software procurement, planning, configuration, staging, installation and interoperability testing.

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