Vigna Solutions' SAP solutions are based on our team's extensive project experience and focused strategy on SAP.We work in close cooperation with SAP to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers.Vigna Solutions delivers end-to-end SAP solutions and services to customers across industries. They invest in SAP initiatives to offer better value to their customers by ensuring they stay ahead of competition by implementing the best practices across all their operations. With our SAP expertise, we help customers succeed in these transformational initiatives. Our established approach to address business challenges helps organizations accomplish their SAP initiatives.

Our team already has a range of smart, proven solutions to client's problems they can leverage and it was found by many customers when talking to us. Our highly skilled, professional SAP consultants most have worked in industrial management prior to joining our team and this first-hand experience adds to their understanding of your particular needs and challenges.

The company has built a strong team that is focused on SAP projects - customization, enhancement and implementation with deep skills in the various SAP modules and industry expertise in various industries of relevance to customers. Our offerings include: SAP implementation services, SAP professional services,and Advanced SAP centered solutions.

Vigna Solutions develops training manuals and conduct training in accordance with the training plan.For SAP product training, Vigna Solutions follows the training guidelines provided in the ASAP methodology. The benefits of our SAP solutions and services include: reduces system development and operational costs, improves workflow management and system processes, transfers best practices and experience knowledge, improves customer relations, increases employee productivity.

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