Vigna Solutions Inc. provides computer solutions for programming and integration problems with emphasis on the client/server, web and mobile development environment. The young and energetic Vigna Solutions team is committed to providing excellent software and programming services to its clients using an ever expanding array of hardware and software. We service a range from Requirement Analysis to User Training and Technical Documentation.

The cornerstones of Vigna Solutions business are the highest quality of workmanship and responsiveness to clients needs in timely and cost effective manner. Contracts are performed by competent, experienced programming and Engineering professionals. We offer our clients a quality assurance guaranteed to ensure complete satisfaction.

Our Purpose

We provide exceptional service to our clients by making it possible for them to achieve their goals.

Our Value

Our professionalism and high performance standards have earned us an outstanding reputation among our clients and our consultants. To sustain this achievement, we believe it is important that we document, verbalize, discuss, and remain committed to our values.

Honesty, Ethics and Integrity

We are resolved to be honest and forthright in all matters and to fulfill our commitments to clients, consultants, and employees.

Hard Work

We pride ourselves in working hard and intelligently, regardless of our position within the company.

Continuous Improvement

Because we value our relationships with clients, consultants, and employees, we measure our performance by surveying them regularly. As a result, we are continually improving, and many new service offerings and benefits have come from these surveys. In essence, we remain in the forefront of the flexible staffing business by maintaining a superior level of customer service.


Our employees are dedicated team players, who work across departmental lines in order to achieve corporate goals.

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